Pancreatin-solvent-extraction-room-001-edited-web-300x150SPL offers a broad spectrum of capabilities in development and manufacturing services for the extraction, isolation and purification of naturally-derived materials and fermentation, isolation and recovery of therapeutic proteins.

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Support Services

Research and Development office SPL’s facilities are operated strictly in accordance with FDA’s cGMP requirements. Experienced and dedicated quality assurance and regulatory staff are committed to providing complete regulatory support for our customers.

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Specialty API Products

Heparn-purifcation-013-edited-web-300x150SPL offers more than 30 years experience in manufacturing APIs from biologically derived sources. Our core products include heparin products, pancreatin products and more.

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SPL has been a world leader in the development and cGMP-compliant manufacturing of pancreatic enzymes, heparin and its analogs for over 30 years. Earning and retaining a position of leadership in this field has allowed us to continue to grow our core product businesses while expanding our service offerings to emerging and established biopharmaceutical companies around the world. Along the way we’ve developed core competencies in the development of processes and products derived from natural sources, both animal-based or plant-based.
For the last several years, we have combined that rich background of technology and manufacturing experience with microbial fermentation expertise to develop a rapidly expanding custom development service to biopharmaceutical companies with products in every phase of clinical development. What’s more, we are willing to grow with our customers straight through to commercial scale-up and production. As a long-time successful API manufacturer, this is a natural extension of what we do best, and a key area of growth for SPL.