World Leader in Heparin and Pancreatic Enzymes

Scientific Protein Laboratories (SPL) has been a leading global supplier of high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for over three decades. We specialize in cGMP biopharmaceutical manufacturing and are among the largest commercial suppliers of Heparin Sodium USP, Pancreatin USP, and Pancrelipase USP. We serve the pharmaceutical, veterinary, and food industries globally. Our manufacturing facility is located in Waunakee, Wisconsin.

Biopharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Services

Beyond supplying high quality proprietary APIs, we provide contract process development & cGMP manufacturing services, including heparin derivatives, natural products extraction, fermentation and purification. Within the still-young biopharmaceutical industry, we are among a small group of companies with an established track record in efficient process development, analytical testing, quality assurance, and regulatory support required to provide our customers with cGMP compliant APIs at all phases of clinical development, straight through to commercial launch.

Nimble, Responsive, Focused

SPL is extremely nimble, entrepreneurial and customer-focused. While we retain the levels of quality and compliance from our “Big-Pharma” roots, we also provide the agility and flexibility of a small company that is highly responsive to your specific needs.