SPL offers more than 30 years experience in manufacturing APIs from biologically derived sources. Our core products include the following.

Please contact us for detailed product data.

Heparin Products

  • Heparin Sodium USP
  • Glycosaminoglycans

Pancreatic Enzyme Products

  • Pancreatin USP
  • Pancreatin 4X USP
  • Pancreatin 6X USP
  • Pancreatic Enzyme Concentrate (PEC)
  • Pancrelipase USP
  • High Lipase Pancreatic Enzyme Concentrate

Derivatives, Blends, and Custom Specifications

Looking for something “similar” but “not quite” the stock items shown? GREAT! Our flexible facilities, deep technical understanding of the field and the capability to support them may just be the answer you seek. We specialize in providing product-related derivatives and blends to meet our customers’ exacting specifications. Unsure of your application requirements? No problem…just ask our highly experienced product professionals. The answers may be just a click or a phone call away.


Heparin molecule